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High-Quality Professionalism

I have always been interested in the process of making items. I take pride in my skills and ability to turn a raw piece of material into something valuable and beautiful that can be treasured through generations.

 I was born and raised in northern Argentina in the foothills of the Andes. I spent the weekdays of my childhood in the city and every weekend on my grandfather’s farm. In the countryside, I was taught the importance of hard work, upholding tradition, and the strength of family. I believe those three values are seen in the furniture I make.

I moved to the United States to attend college with the expectation to move back home, but I met and fell in love with my wife. Every other weekend I would spend time with my wife's family and there is where my father-in-law taught me everything I know about woodworking. Now, I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my wife, two kids and a stinky dog (the American dream).

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