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Handmade Black Walnut smart Desk


Feb 2023


Portland, OR

Super rare curly Oregon Black Walnut found in a local lumberyard, Maverick Sawmill. I have never seen so many thick curls in a walnut wood slab before. I went to the lumberyard to buy a slab for a client and left with it because I couldn't let it go. Curly was saved from being chipped in Salem, Oregon. He is a very handsome modern desk at 60" in length by 26" in width and 1.75" thick. He has a straight edge in the back and live edge in the front, in order to keep some of the wood slab's original character intact. The legs are custom made and special order black powdered coated legs that are 18" in Height and A-Frame shape. They are the perfect strong and classic look to a modern desk. For a final touch, the desk has been reinforced with black channel beams underneath to avoid any wood movement in the future and rampatec threaded inserts so you can screw in & out your legs a thousand times and it never looses its fit!

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