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Solar Flare


Oct 2022


Portland, OR


Oregon Black Walnut wood slab, with black resin for cracks.
Finish: 3 layers of Rubio Monocoat, topped with Black Forest Ceramic base & top to make the desk hydrophobic.

This fiery lady with wild solar flares coming out of the center, comes from the same slab as Goonie Jr. They were both commissioned to be a 1 of 1 unique piece of furniture and art. In this coffee table, we decided with the client to use black color for the resin, instead of clear, to highlight the natural character of this beauty. This is a perfectly square coffee table at 25" by 25" on the sides and a solid 2.1" thick.

The stark contrast between light and dark browns are what makes this coffee table, one of a kind. The stunning grain radiating from the center of the heart, will definitely be a fun game in trying to establish the age of this Black Walnut slab.

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