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Star Wars Diorama

This is truly a very special project for me: its my first "I'll do whatever I want & have fun" project and Spalted Maple slab came from my front lawn. The tree was salvaged 4 years ago and kiln dried locally. The long streaks of light and dark brown, with the black spalted streaks throughout, this is truly a one of a kind slab.

I was inspired on making this table by my love to the last trilogy of Star Wars. This is a scene from The Force Awakens, when Rey, Finn, and BB8 are running away from 2 Tai Fighters in Jakku. Both Tie fighters had to be custom 3D printed and hand painted, in order to maintain relative appropriate size to the Millenium Falcon Die-Cast. Throughout the table, I added some space debris and wreckage ships. This deep pour resin was a 5 layer process in order to keep the sand in the bottom and to have the illusion of the ships "flying".

As if all of that wasn't enough, I added top of the line Govee LED rope light underneath the table. These lights have a huge array of different modes that can be controlled from a control remote, your phone, or with voice commands through Alexa or Google assistant. My favorite feature is Music Mode: the lights reacts to sounds around it, making it the perfect movie night addition or game room central.

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