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The Queen Round 2


Portland, OR

Project type

Custom build



This was a custom build for a returning client. He wanted a similar build to his prior purchase of The Queen. So I found another English Walnut harvested from PNW and also filled the river portion with deep pour emerald green epoxy. The best part of this project, was the immersed / flushed gamer LED lights inside the table. The LED lights are reactive to sound, can be pre-programmed, or voice controlled via smart devices at home with 2,700 possible light combinations.

In addition, the client wants to set the table as a stand-up desk. Therefore, I retrofitted metal inserts that are positioned exactly for his particular set of Uplift legs. This way, he will be able to screw and unscrew the legs as many times as he wants without threading or damaging the wood or LED lights.

What started as a "repeat build", quickly became the best and most challenging project to date.

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