Alligator Juniper wood slab that was salvaged from a wild fire in Arizona circa 2012. The wood slab is completely encased in clear table top resin, to make it keep it's true color and character longer. 3 blue deep pour resin islands were added where the wood slab had some branches coming out.

Underneath: black metal legs were retrofitted to make them seamless and even with the slab, a black metal cable management was added to the back, and an optional (free of charge) black locked metal drawer.


Star Wars Table

My personal and dear Spalted Maple from my front lawn. I dried it for 3 years and had it kiln dried for extra safe measures, will be mixed clear resin, sand, and a wide assortment of Micro machines and 3D printed toys and collectibles to create a trench fight scene of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jakku battle scene. 

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